Actor & Audiobook Narrator

Hey, I'm Suzanne Barbetta. Welcome to my neighborhood!  I could bore you with a bland-as-vanilla 3rd person bio, but a) I’m more of a coffee-heath-bar-crunch kinda-girl and b) life is too short.

So here's the 411:

As a kid I was a bookish, bossy, rambunctious Jersey-Girl who loved performing, dinosaur models, dragons and classic cars. (If I’d been athletic I would have been a tomboy…instead, I was a mischief-magnet.) A voracious reader, I was perplexed by a sister who “hated reading”. So I pulled out my dog-eared Nancy Drew mysteries and read them aloud to share the magic that lay between the covers, (avoiding a stint in juvie and sowing the seeds of a career narrating audiobooks). 

When not recording, this still-geeky-girl loves scuba-diving reefs & wrecks, watching Giants Football, and dreaming of flying dragons.

I'm on the rosters of Blunderwoman ProductionsDeyan Audio, Findaway, Voices Of Today, Spoken Realms, The Audio Flow Casting Services, Spectrum Audiobooks, Insatiable Press , Vibrance Press and High Gravity Productions. 

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