Actor, Audiobook Narrator, Voice Over Artist


Hi, I’m Suzanne Barbetta and welcome to my neighborhood!

I suppose I could bore you with a bland vanilla 3rd person bio but A) I’m more of a coffee-heath-bar-crunch kinda-girl and B) life is too short.


So here’s the 411:
I’m a Jersey-Girl. A Storyteller. A Scuba Diver. A Dog Lover. A Role Playing Sci-Fi Fantasy-Geek. A blue-collar kid from Jersey City Heights who binged on B-movie musicals and Godzilla flicks. I paid my dues as an intern in regional theater becoming a card-carrying member of Actors’ Equity. My actor’s toolbox is stocked with quirky, fierce, complex women (and the occasional guy). My grrrrrrls run the gamut from kinda kooky, to highly neurotic, to downright brassy broads; smart and smartmouthed.


Good storytelling comes down to the actor and the medium, whether it’s on-stage, on-camera, or a single actor in a sound booth voicing dozens of characters in an audiobook. Follow me on social media (pretty icons below) as I promote on FB, twitter, and here in my own backyard. Gimme a shout by signing up on the contact page for updates, promo codes, and raffles for new content on Audible. Thanks for stopping by!