June Is AudioBook Month!

Storytelling In Its Most Basic and Vibrant Form 

IMG_0924When I was a kid, I was sickly. Never very athletic, books were the perfect way for me to escape my sickbed and have great adventures! I could be and do ANYTHING by hopping into the pages of my favorite books…Whether that meant playing spunky sleuth Nancy Drew or immersing myself in the topsy turvy worlds of Roald Dahl, I was never without a book (or 2 or 3) to keep me company. I recall being shocked that my baby sister hated reading. I told mom I bet if I could find a story to pique her interest and read out loud to her, that she would want to read as much as I did. So I picked out my favorite Nancy Drew, The Secret Of Shadow Ranch, which showed a gorgeous phantom black horse on the cover. I played not only Nancy but her best friends, girly-girl “Bess” Marvin and tomboy Georgia  “George” Fayne. Well, my sister got hooked and still insists that the “horsey-book” was a turning point for her. Such is the power of storytelling. It is the reason, I believe, that audiobooks are continuing to gain in popularity. I still love to tell stories and it gives me great satisfaction to help others lose themselves in a good book.