August 2004

Director Shari Berman of Sabermantoo…Productions, DP Chris Benker and I are heading for Providence on August 11th for the screening of the b&w 3-D short, The Trial of Jack at the Rhode Island International Film Festival.

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July 2004

BREAKING NEWS:The Trial of Jack has just been chosen as an official selection at The Rhode Island International Film Festival in Providence! This prestigious festival is the third festival that has selected this great little ‘just-so story’ about a rogue jack-in-the-box. The film will be shown Thursday August 12th in downtown Providence.

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June 2004

I’m taking my first Stage Combat class at Combat Inc. this month. (I am only slightly terrified.)  The Trial of Jack premieres at the Filmstock International Film Festival on June 1st-5th and at the San Antonio Underground Film Festival on June 26th.

May 2004

The short film, The Trial of Jack, continuing it’s festival run, has now been selected for the San Antonio Underground Film Festival.

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April 2004

Great news: The Trial of Jack is an official selection of the Filmstock International Film Festival in Luton, England, June 1st-15th.

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