Shorts For Your Spring Commute

My newest on Audible​, Timely Tales in Thirty Minutes, is a short story collection produced through Voices of Today and distributed by Spoken Realms​. I was asked to contribute 2 pieces – public domain or not – my choice. Half the fun was hunting for unique and unknown (to me) works by established writers.

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Wrapping Gettysburg

I’ve just wrapped Gettysburg Stories of the Red Harvest and the Aftermath written by Elsie Singmaster. Continue reading

Researching Gettysburg

I’ve just begun work on my next audiobook, a Public Domain project,  Gettysburg by Elsie Singmaster. Gettysburg by Elsie Singmaster

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Of Railroad Fanatics and Civil War Ghosts

My latest audiobook narration project was a total HOOT to record. Suburban mom Carolina Jessup learns it’s NEVER a good idea to look inside your teenage daughters purse…

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2016 Recap

2016 was a year of sustained training and coaching for Audiobooks while relocating to a new permanent home.Continue reading