February 2009

New headshots should be uploaded to the web-site by the end of February.

January 2009

Training: Scheduled to take a commercial class with Brooke Thomas and Mary Egan beginning mid-month. I’ve heard so much about their classes that I’m really looking forward to working with them.

December 2008

Auditions this month include on-camera spots through Sue Crystal and SmartPros and v.o. auditions at Donald Case and House Productions.

November 2008

Auditions this month include commercial spots for Impossible Casting and House Productions. ON HOLD: for pharmaceutical ad through Impossible Casting. New digital color headshots should be ready to roll out by the New Year!

October 2008

On-camera audition for Paladino Casting. V.O. auditions: called in for another animated series for Big Yellow Duck and a commercial spot for Jonathan Helfand.