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They all love Suzanne!

"Sure, Suzanne is talented and that’s important of course, but if you’ve seen her work, you already know that. As a filmmaker, I’ve discovered that many actors lack other qualities required for the job….showing up on time, taking direction… being able to deal with the stress, tension and general chaos of the entertainment industry. She has all of these qualities and more. She’s a true professional. Plus she’s just damn funny."

Shari Berman, Director

Stage & Film Buzz

"One of the most dedicated actors I’ve ever worked with. Once she takes on a role, she puts in every ounce of herself. She does the work and comes through with courage and a powerful presence on stage."

Karen Sommer, Director

Stage & Film Buzz

"She’s an actor capable of bringing authentic depth to any role she plays. Generousperceptive, tenacious–she’s a joy to have ‘in the room.’"

Kel Haney, Director

Stage & Film Buzz

"Suzanne Barbetta's performance is simply wonderful. Her character voices for Caroline and Aunt Mimi are memorable. Her pacing and narration flow smoothly and keep the listener's attention on the story. While there is some graphic language, with Barbetta's skillful narration it is a natural outgrowth of the characters. It would be a pleasure to listen to her narrate other stories and discover the depths of her talent as a narrator." 5/5 STARS - InD'Tale Magazine 

*Nominee 2018 SultryListeners Award & 2019 RONE Award for Best Audiobook

Audiobook Buzz

for Clutch: A Novel

"As for the narration, Suzanne Barbetta is a new narrator to me, and I appreciate that Dawn continues to introduce me to all of these wonderful new readers of words. …Barbetta does a fine job, and is really pleasant to listen to. Like my pop used to say, she is sweet on the ears. She has distinctive voices, and readily distinguishes who is speaking with the tone of her voice. I enjoyed hearing her for the first time and welcome her to the Litrpg community. I think she’ll fit right in." - Ray Johnson, LitRPG Podcast

Audiobook Buzz

for Jessica's Challenge, Puatera Online, Book 5

“She was able to make the words turn into a film right in my head! I would give this audio experience a 5/5!!” - The Book Addicts Reviews

If I had a written list of favourite narrators, this list would now be longer by one. - Seitenwinde Blog

“…she found a way to make each of them ‘sound’ individually unique… I am so 

wholly impressed by how she performed this story, I cannot wait to find other titles she’s narrated! -  Jorie Loves A Story

Audiobook Buzz

for Next Stop, Chancey