Sure, Suzanne is talented and that’s important of course, but if you’ve seen her work, you already know that. As a filmmaker, I’ve discovered that many actors lack other qualities required for the job….showing up on time, taking direction… being able to deal with the stress, tension and general chaos of the entertainment industry. She has all of these qualities and more. She’s a true professional. Plus she’s just damn funny. – Shari Berman, Director

She’s a dedicated professional. A genuine pleasure to work with. – Chris Benker, Director

She’s an actor capable of bringing authentic depth to any role she plays. Generousperceptivetenacious–she’s a joy to have ‘in the room.’ – Kel Haney, Director


One of the most dedicated actors I’ve ever worked with. Once she takes on a role, she puts in every ounce of herself. She does the work and comes through with courage and a powerful presence on stage. – Karen Sommers, Director


Second Chances:
“I loved the characters. Lorelei’s character cracked me up. I loved her sarcasm. The narrator, Suzanne Barbetta, did a great job! She really brought the characters and story to life.”

The Death And Rebirth of Anne Bonny:
“I can’t say enough good about the narrator. Perfect pacing, good characterizations, no distracting goofs – I will be looking at other books Suzanne Barbetta has narrated because she is that good – I want to hear more of her.”

Forever Devoted:
“Narration, Suzanne Barbetta, really good. Good storyteller, good characterizations, really nice listen. Really enjoyed the characters and just wanted more time in their world. Definitely could re-listen to this one and would definitely listen to others in the series!”